Dr. Amitabha Chanda

MBBS(Gold Medalist), MS(Gold Medalist)


Consultant Neurosurgeon

Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka


Head Injuries

A 24-year-old gentleman came with injury to head. He was unconscious. CT scan brain showed a large extradural hematoma. He was operated immediately and he recovered well. He went home after a week and got back to his work in 6 weeks.
Extradural hematoma
CT scan after operation
A 70-year-old gentleman had a fall at home. He had headache and progressively he became unconscious. He was brought to the hospital in a comatose state. CT scan showed a massive acute subdural hematoma. He was operated immediately and after three weeks he went home.
Acute Subdural Hematoma
CT scan after operation
This 52-year-old gentleman came with head injury. He had multiple hemorrhages. He was initially managed with non-operative treatments and he showed some improvements. However, on 10th day he suddenly deteriorated and became comatose. CT scan showed showed severe brain swelling. He was operated immediately. The front part of the whole skull was removed and kept in the fat in abdominal wall. Thus the brain exapanded and the pressure was released. Gradually the patient recovered and later on the skull bone kept in belly was replaced.
Severe Brain swelling shown in CT scan
CT scan after operation showing no skull bone in front part