Dr. Amitabha Chanda

MBBS(Gold Medalist), MS(Gold Medalist)


Consultant Neurosurgeon

Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka


Spinal Degenerative Disease(Cervical and lumbar spondylosis including slipped discs)

Cervical Spondylosis including slipped discs
This 60-year-old gentleman presented with difficulty in walking and weakness of hands. There was gross weakness in all four limbs. MRI scan of cervical spine showed spondylosis along with slipped discs causing spinal cord compression at two levels C4-5 and C5-6. He was operated from the front. C5 vertebral body was removed and discectomy was done. The spine was stabilized.
MRI scan showing spinal cord compression
Postoperative CT scan
Slipped disc lumbar spine
This 31-year-old woman from Delhi came with low back pain with radiation down left lower limb. She also had difficulty in passing urine. She was operated on emergency basis. A large disc fragment was removed. She was back to her normal life in two weeks.
MRI lumbar spine showing a large extruded disc at L5-S1
Removed Disc
Disc Replacement in cervical spine
This 52-year-old gentleman presented with weakness of all four limbs. MRI cervical spine showed slipped discs and spinal cord compression at multiple levels. He was operated. Discs were excised and were replaced with artificial discs. This maintained his full neck mobility.
MRI cervical spine showing spinal cord compression at multiple levels
Postoperative dynamic X-ray showing full range of mobility

This 42-year-old woman presented with severe back pain and leg pain. She was unable to stand or walk. X-ray and MRI showed grade 3 spondylolisthesis. She was operated. The listhesis was reduced and fixed with screw and rod. She has become completely normal after operation.

Preoperative Picture
Postoperative Picture