Dr. Amitabha Chanda

MBBS(Gold Medalist), MS(Gold Medalist)


Consultant Neurosurgeon

Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka


Spinal Tumors

Giant Cell Tumor of Spine
This 45-year-old gentleman presented with severe pain in neck for one month. The pain was relentless and was not responding to any therapy. X-ray showed destruction of C3 vertebral body. MRI scan showed a tumor in vertebral body of C3 with extension to the left side. The tumor was excised both from front and back and spine was stabilized both from front and back. Three years have passed and he is disease free.
(a)X-ray showing destruction of C3 vertebral body , (b) CT scan showing detruction of C3 vertebral body
MRI scan cervical spine showing tumor in C3 vertebral body
Operative picture (From back)
Postoperative X-ray
Postoperative MRI showing no tumor
Dumbell Schwannoma of Thoracic Spine
This 50-year-old gentleman presented with weakness of lower limbs and chest pain. X-ray and MRI scan showed a large tumor in Spine compressing the spinal cord. The tumor had also gone into the chest cavity abutting the aorta. He was operated. The tumor was approached from the back. The chest cavity was also opened. The tumor was resected in toto. The spine was stabilized. The patient had an excellent recovery and he was back to his normal life in one month.
MRI scan showing the tumor compressing the spinal cord and entering the chest cavity
Operative pictures
Postoperative MRI showing no tumor

This 75-year-old woman had a fall at home and broke her neck. She had severe injury involving fracture of odontoid, fracture of C2 pedicle and facet with atlanto-axial joint. She was operated from back of her neck. Multiple screws were used to fix the spine and a titanium cable was used to reinforce the stabilization. She went back to completely normal life.

Preoperative picture
Operative picture
Postoperative picture
Dorsal Spinal Schwannoma

This 44-year-old gentleman presented with one-year history of progressive weakness of lower limbs. The weakness was more pronounced in left lower limb. There was numbness of lower part of the body. An MRI of spine showed a large tumor compressing the spinal cord severely. The tumor was both intradural and extradural in location. The patient was operated. Both the intradural and extradural parts were resected. The patient slowly recovered to his previous normal status. Postoperative MRI showed no residual tumor.

Preoperative MRI
Operative picture
Postoperative MRI