Dr. Amitabha Chanda

MBBS(Gold Medalist), MS(Gold Medalist)


Consultant Neurosurgeon

Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka


Spinal Injuries

This 24-year-old gentleman was playing as a goalkeeper in a soccer match. He made a somersault and injured his neck. He had paralysis of all four limbs. X-ray CT scan and MRI showed dislocation in cervical spine with injury to spinal cord. He was operated from both front and back to stabilize the spine. He recovered very well. It is now almost seven years after his operation and he got married five years back and has a child.
C4-5 dislocation
MRI cervical spine showing C4-5 dislocation and cord compression
Postoperative X-ray showing excellent result
This 21-year-old engineering student was suffering from depression and tried to commit suicide by jumping from third floor. He broke his spine and became paralytic in lower limbs. X-ray, MRI scan showed burst fracture of lumbar spine with spinal cord compression. Spine was approached from abdomen, the vertebral body was removed and stabilization was done. He improved well and started walking normally after three months.
Burst Fracture of L2
MRI of lumbar spine showing burst fracture and spinal cord compression
Operative picture after removal of vertebral body and stabilization
Postoperative X-ray
Patient with his parents
Multiple Fracture of Dorsal Spine
This 34-year-old gentleman came from Bihar with a history of road traffic accident. He had fractured spine along with paralysis of lower limbs. CT scan and MRI were done. He was operated to stabilize the spine and make the spine well-aligned. Spine was stabilized and aligned. He gradually improved and started walking.